God Wants You To Be Healthy

Not only did He create you to live an abundant life of health, but He has provided all that you will need to live this kind of life.

He tells us this clearly in His Word in some of the following Scriptures

3 John 1:2 Beloved, I want you to continually be made to prosper in all things and to be continually in good health, just as your soul is continually being made to prosper. (GBMV)

But not many believers are walking in this kind of blessing, in either their finances or their health are they?

Clearly most of us have missed some of the important principles we need to know in order to live this abundant life of blessing.

This website is designed to provide you some of the principles that you need to know and apply to live a healthy life.

New Way of Blessing 1

The New Way of Blessing - Discovering Your Blessing

Living The Life of Blessing

For years the body of Christ has lived in sickness and poverty, sometimes believing that it is what God wanted for them. This could not be farther from the truth.

God has given every human being the tools they need to walk in blessing. You can live a life that is full of wealth and happiness. You can walk in blessing.

What does it mean to walk in blessing? *In this groundbreaking teaching by Apostle Les D. Crause, all your questions will be answered. This is the foundation of blessing that God wants for you.

You will learn to Discover the Blessing that God has already given you.

Principles of Healthy Living

A new article will be posted periodically covering many different areas and over time you will obtain a full picture of what you need to do to walk in the kind of health that the Lord designed for you.

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